Sunday, 5 October 2014

Look who's wearing Off With Her Head Millinery!

Look who's wearing Off With Her Head Millinery!!

For those of you who are new to my blog, you'll have missed the BIG news earlier in the year that the amazing Kirsten Vangsness (aka Penelope Garcia in Criminal Minds) wore a couple of my hair flowers in Season 9 of the hit CBS show Criminal Minds! BIG news I know, and as I have been a HUGE fan of the show since the beginning you can only imagine just how excited I was!

Well... since then I've been sending Kirsten regular hair flowers as she is a part of my Hair Flower of the Month Club (more info on the club to follow!!) and this week I found out that she has been wearing them regularly during the filming of Season 10 (due to air on the UK from 20th October)! CBS tweeted this behind the scenes picture of Kirsten and AJ Cook who appears to be smelling the hair flower! You can just imagine my excitement (there may have been a little 'Snoopy Happy Dance')!

Now as I mentioned Kirsten is a part of my Hair Flower of the Month Club, which means that every month she receives a little package with an exclusive hair flower based around a specific theme. For example in March the theme was 'Spring Greens' and in September the theme was 'Talk Like A Pirate'. Each flower is handmade by me and is only available to members of the club. "How can I become a member?", I hear you ask... well its simple. You can email me and I can get you signed up straight away! Each flower costs £8.00 plus postage and you can sign up for a year paid in 4 x 3 monthly installments of £30.00 (including postage in the UK, outwith the UK postage is slightly higher). You also get two bonus flowers -  a birthday flower (sent out in the month of your birthday) and a special Christmas/Winter themed flower in December. 

Email me to sign up at OR why not try a taster subscription for 3 months over on my Etsy Store

I hope you'll tune in to the show when it airs here in the UK on the 20th October on Sky Living!

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