Sunday, 26 February 2012

Crown for Misha B

The start of the year has seen me kept very busy with custom work! In all since January I've completed 8 custom projects!

One of the most surprising and fantastic opportunities I was given was to create a crown for X Factor contestant Misha B, for the upcoming live tour. To say I was in a state of shock when I received the email from stylist Jodie Prince was an understatement! Jodie had seen my work through the Talenthouse/Stephen Jones competition, for which I'd entered my White Rabbit piece, and contacted me to ask me to undertake this project. I was thrilled to be asked and always welcome the challenge to try something I've never created before!

The piece was for the cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep, that Misha B did in week one, and, after looking at the video, I had a clear idea of what I wanted to create that would be true to my style of millinery. My remit was simple... leather, vibrant colour and sparkle! 

So I submitted my design and waited to hear back from Jodie. Her reply came back quickly, "love the idea, but could the colours be red, white and blue to tie in with the whole union jack theme". No problem.

The creation of the crown proved to be fairly simple, although I must admit to spending late nights awake in bed going over my planned pattern in my head! I am very happy with the results and very proud to have been involved in creating a fabulous crown for a fantastic artist, and wish Misha B every success for the tour and her future!

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