Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Winter White

I was asked a few weeks back by my little sister if I could make a fascinator for her fiancées Gran who is off to a wedding in the Highlands this coming weekend. I was told that it should be similar to the ones that I had made for my sisters to wear to my brothers wedding a few years back, a little smaller in size and in 'winter white' to match her outfit.

The finished piece has three small satin and organza roses with Swarovski crystal centres on a diamond base of winter white wool felt and a plume of goose biot and pick feathers that sweep backwards. This style of fascinator is really popular for weddings, very stylish without being over powering. It can be made in a whole range of colours to match, compliment or contrast with any outfit and retails at £15.00.

For custom enquires please email queeny@offwithherhead.co.uk

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blissful chick said...

this is gorgeous, and i'm loving the new background colors/pattern here on the bloggie